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More staff doesn’t equate to more productivity.
The phenomenal few can outperform, out-produce, and outpace the mediocre many.

- Diane Kink.

To my Real Estate colleagues,

Current scenario: You are self-motivated, have a strong work ethic. You set yourself up to succeed. Your team or the company you chose to associate with is committed to a culture of positivity and high performance. You value feedback in a dynamic, fast-paced environment, and are committed to constant improvement.

The Reality: You want to do more daily networking. You want to keep filling the top of the funnel to feed your pipeline. That means working your network, contacting old friends and clients – and not just to prospect for business.

You know your clients enough to know that other activities, community involvement, family milestones are the real things that matter to them and because you care, they matter to you. So you want to create activities or seek opportunities to engage.
“Relationship Selling” is still a critical component of our profession. You need the comradery, and the friendships to keep relationship selling alive and profitable.

That means tweaking your lead generation methods to achieve registrations and ensuring that you have a thorough method of converting those leads into appointments.

However, being employed in a numbers profession can get agonizing. Before you know it there are 20 unreached leads each week, maybe over 100 each month that you wanted to prospect to or network with, but somehow did not find the time.

That could mean that if, for instance, every 700 visitors to your website converted to 40 registrations and 2 appointments, at least half of these were wasted and cost valuable time and money to generate. Think about the potential that you would have if you could engage with all of those prospects. Even better, push that number up to 5 appointments for every 50 registrations.

So what is keeping you from converting these prospects into clients? Most likely, it is the daily grind of the job that makes it virtually impossible to keep up. Gary Keller declares that dealing with business should never take precedence over finding business. “Until lead generation is done daily, nothing else should get done!” (Shift: How Top Real Estate Agents Tackle Tough Times by Gary Keller with Dave Jenks and Jay Papasan).

Surely you miss the comradery, the friendship, the subtle “relationship” selling technique that is still alive and well two decades into the 21st century. Otherwise, you would never have chosen this profession. So now you find yourself trying to figure out how to better accomplish this important aspect of the work you love.

So how do you get it back? How do you expand the number of hours in a day? How do you avoid letting valuable time get away from you? How do you accomplish 5 more quality prospecting calls each day while still answering all your incoming calls, and addressing your pressing tasks? If only you had some help. Well now you do. Not just a warm body, but a truly dedicated and skilled sales professional to compliment your talents.

The Solution is to commission a professional to make the 50 calls for you using your script and driving the traffic to you the selling agent. The objective is to generate appointments with 4 prospective buyers and 1 seller – a 10% rate of conversion.

Again Keller recommends, “Think assistance first, assistants second. Think part-timers, sub-contractors, vendors, affiliates or students.”

Allow me to join you in developing this positive growth mission. Remember the passion that drew you into your current profession? Reignite that power of persuasion. Capitalize on profit opportunities; manage multiple projects while thriving on the challenges of a demanding environment.   

Real Estate is really two businesses. 1) To help clients with Real Estate transactions; 2) Lead Generation Business. The first is a “transaction knowledge and service business”, the second being a “script and dialogue skill-based business”. How much attention are you paying to the second? Are you practicing those scripts weekly with a coach?

Are you dedicating 15 hours per week to the pursuit of prospects? Are you performing both of these mutually supportive exercises: Prospecting and Marketing? At least 3 hours of prospecting each day?

Instead of defining job descriptions, let’s develop a set of task descriptions. Let’s define why your associates should contact you when they are ready to become clients. What would they get if they did? They would get exceptional service from you. Are you projecting that to them through your message? Does your message make an offer to get a response?

People respond to messages that matter to them. Provide them a direct benefit and they will contact you. Utilize the concept of direct and indirect offers.

A direct offer is designed to generate an immediate response from someone who wants to buy or sell with you now. An indirect offer will still engender an immediate response, but it may be for something other than immediate business. By volunteering to opt-in to your immediate services, they have allowed you to start a dialogue that could develop a relationship eventually turning them into a client.

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