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 As business owner, you don’t need advice, you need results.    Contact us for a Marketability Analysis. Everything we do is completely confidential.

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If you were in business in 2009 and 2021, we want to hear your story. How did you navigate the challenges? What lessons learned? What would you do differently? What positives came out of each experience?

 The first 2 Steps to facilitate the Business Sale process:
   1.  Recasting of financial data in order to show real CashFlow, legitimate Addbacks, and other "Seller Discretionary Income"
    2. Fair Market Valuation.

More staff doesn’t equate to more productivity. The phenomenal few can outperform, out-produce, and outpace the mediocre many.
- Diane Kink.

What is an Exit Strategy Outline? – The twenty-plus steps needed for a successful business transaction include these important, yet often overlooked details:
     >  Documentation
     >  Organizational Structure
     >  Business Continuity
     >  Financial Recasting
     >  Pre-Due Diligence Preparation
     >  Maintaining Confidentiality

Whether one year or five years away from deciding on selling your business, our 40-minute Exit Strategy Outline session will be an important time investment to start preparing the steps needed to achieve a successful business sale.

Here is a blog post article that connects some of the dots: Seven Reasons to Use An M&A Advisor To Sell A Business.

 Not only will you come away knowing all 20-steps and getting all your questions answered, I’ll leave you a copy of our principal Achim Neumann’s book: The Road Beyond: What Nobody Tells You About Selling a Mid-sized Business.


2023 Business Intermediary Appointments for 

Exit Strategy Outline / Networking Opportunity

Feb 1, 2, 4 Charlotte Metro, NC
Feb 3 Hickory, NC
Feb 7 Fayetteville, NC
Feb 8 Columbia, SC
Feb 9  Georgetown, SC
Feb 15  Summerville, SC
Feb 23  Savannah, GA
Feb 27  Wilmington, NC
Mar 1, 2  Horry County, SC
Mar 13  Raleigh/Durham, NC

Mar 14  Spartanburg, SC

Mar 15  Greater Augusta GA/SC
Mar 16  Greenville, SC
Mar 20  Wilmington, NC
Mar 21  Myrtle Beach, SC
Mar 23  Sumter, SC

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It's not time management, it's attention management. - Adam Grant

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Grow or Sell?

Business Intermediary 

ANA Advantage

1. Comprehensive Marketing Package

* Independent Fair-Market Valuation – substantiation for the offering and drives the process
* Business Profile – peaks buyer interest without jeopardizing identity
* Confidential Memorandum – comprehensive and dynamic prospectus of the firm
-> Buyers will have everything they need at their fingertips – while we drive the value discussion.

2. Market Muscle
* ANA Proprietary Data Base – over 1,000,000 business/buyer contacts in our proprietary CRM
* Consistent Outreach – weekly regional networking in 35+ networking events nationwide
* Impeccable Reputation – our firm reaches and maintains the highest professional standards
-> Our multi-channel, confidential marketing reaches 95% of all investors. Someone searching for a business like yours, will not miss our marketing efforts.

3. Four-fold Rigorous Buyer Qualification
* Personal Profile – proof for adequate management experience to obtain bank acquisition loan
* Financial Profile – proof for sufficient collateral for bank & seller loan
* Bank Statement – proof of liquidity for deal equity insertion and working capital
* Strict NDA – 4 page confidentiality agreement designed to effectively protect your interests
-> Confidentiality is maintained through personal interview. No unqualified buyers = no wasted time.

4. Offer to Purchase

* Deal Framework in OTP – specific deal structure to meet your goals
* Specific Dates – financing, agreement, due diligence and closing deadlines are defined clearly
* Money in Escrow – earnest funds deposited into your attorney’s trust account
-> A solid roadmap to a closing instead of vague LOI A firm Buyer commitment from a buyer with “skin in the game”.

5. Personal Involvement
* Due Diligence – full ANA team coordination and facilitation of this vital process
* Finance Sourcing – if needed, we can assist the buyer with funding sources
* Closing Table – we are on site and actively working with your attorney/CPA to solve any issues
* Full Commitment – our company is fully invested and will not be paid until the deal is closed.
-> ANA is with you every step of the way until the deal is done. You will know exactly who you are dealing with.

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